WhichPR: find out to which pull request (PR) a commit belongs

General context

  • You work on a project that uses GitHub
  • People contribute through pull requests (PRs)

Specific context:

  • You have found a commit that introduces a problem (through git blame, say)
  • You want to know which PR this commit belongs to

Sometimes it’s written in git log:

commit 740baf0317e063cbd9ebb545999ad198c396a8da (origin/pr/8906)

But sometimes not:

commit 4cde3f72e29d6ec3a86da1dbc2eec279d15da6f8

Solution: https://github.com/pocke/whichpr

Example of use:

# Opens the corresponding PR in your browser
~/src/ocaml$ whichpr show 4cde3f72e29d6ec3a86da1dbc2eec279d15da6f8


~/src/ocaml$ whichpr open 4cde3f72e29d6ec3a86da1dbc2eec279d15da6f8

Installation notes

  • Follow the instructions in README.md
  • Do not try to install from sources, it didn’t work for me on Debian
  • Rather download the binary and put the whichpr executable somewhere in your PATH, e.g. ~/bin
  • I created my authorization token directly on GitHub, didn’t want to give my password to the tool

Here is my ~/.config/whichpr file:

- user: shindere
  protocol: https

I find the syntax odd but it works that way

Happy hacking!