Session #14: 19 November 2019


  • My workflow with PyCharm: scientific mode, remote editing, debugging, and other tips, Bruno Lecouat (WILLOW/THOTH). Scientific mode tutorial. Note you need the PyCharm professional edition but can get it for free with your Inria email address. During the discussion, Vistual Studio Code has a similar feature, see this for more details.
  • Cryptographic protocol implementations in F*, Benjamin Beurdouche (PROSECCO)
  • Enable HTTPS on your website with Let’s Encrypt, Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy (SED), slides

Session #6: 22 January 2019

Talks: Eel: Get (simple) GUI for your Python with no hassle, Yasuyuki Tanaka (EVA), slides. Dash was mentioned during the discussion. PWA, from Web to mobile in 5 minutes, Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy (SED), slides vc-annotate: exploring git logs with emacs, Thierry Martinez (SED), Old-Revisions page in Emacs Manual. github blame functionality, git-time-machine (Atom plugin), tig were mentioned during the discussion. Check your favourite editor or IDE, there may be a plugin to do similar things. [Read More]